Hearing loss and dementia

There is a strong link between hearing loss and dementia. According to one study, people with mild hearing loss are two times as likely to develop dementia, and this increases to three times for those with moderate hearing loss (Lin et al 2011). The reasons for this relationship are not clear, but communication difficulties may Read More >>

What is a Telecoil?

A telecoil or induction loop is considered an “Assistive Listening Device” (or ALD) and works by transmitting an audio signal directly into hearing aids via a magnetic field. The system consists of a microphone in the public venue, church banks or post office etc. which picks up the signal, an amplifier to process the signal Read More >>

How Age Affects Hearing Loss

Will my hearing get worse? This is the question we in Galway Hearing Care get asked most often. The short answer is, ‘yes, but gradually over time’. The long answer, and without being able to tell the future, is more complex. As a result, knowing a little more about hearing loss may go part of Read More >>

What is swimmers ear (Exostosis)

The medical term for ‘swimmers ear’ is exostosis. Symptoms include a decrease in hearing sensitivity and often an increased prevalence of ear infections. Early symptoms include water getting trapped in the ear canal after swimming. This results in debris being trapped leading to ear infections, often resulting in surgery. Exostosis is most commonly treated by Read More >>

How We Hear

Hearing Loss Types & Hearing Loss Causes How Hearing Works: The ear has three main parts or sections – the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Each section has a specific function that allows sound waves that enter the ear to be transformed into electrical impulses that the brain can understand. The outer ear Read More >>

What is Sudden Hearing Loss?

This factsheet is part of our Ears and ear problems range. It is written for people who have suddenly lost their hearing, or their friends and family. Read this factsheet to find out: What is sudden hearing loss? What do I do if I lose my hearing suddenly? What can cause sudden hearing loss? Can Read More >>

What is Menieres Disease?

This factsheet is part of our Ears and ear problems range. It is written for people who have Ménière’s disease and would like to find out more about their condition. Read this factsheet to find out: What is Ménière’s disease? What causes Ménière’s disease? What are the symptoms of Ménière’s disease? How is Ménière’s disease Read More >>

Advice on Glue Ear

This factsheet is part of our Ears and ear problems range. It is mainly for parents of children who have glue ear. What is glue ear? What are the symptoms of glue ear? How does a child get glue ear? What causes glue ear? What happens if glue ear is left untreated? What should I Read More >>