Frequently Asked Questions

Glue Ear

What Is Glue Ear?
What Are The Symptoms Of Glue Ear?
How Does A Child Get Glue Ear?

Hearing Test & Hearing Aid Costs

How Much Does A Hearing Test Cost?
How Much Do Digital Hearing Aids Cost?
How Do I Pay For My Hearing Aid?
Can I Exchange My Hearing Instrument For Something Different And What Will It Cost?
What Is The Warranty On Hearing Instruments?

Choosing A Suitable Hearing Aid

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Hearing Aids Over Analogue?
What Kind Of Hearing Instruments Do You Have?
How Do I Know Which Style Of Hearing Instrument Is Appropriate For Me?
How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Hearing Instrument?

Fitting A Hearing Aid

What Happens At The Hearing Instrument Fitting Appointment?
What Is The Importance Of The REM Or Speech Mapping?
How Many Appointments Will I Require After The Initial Fitting?
What If I Don't Like The Hearing Instrument Or Realise I Need Something Better?

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